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Trial Offer Terms

A Levium Trial offers a way to try Levium at a big discount. You get a certain number of Levium bottles during a 15 or 30-Day Trial, depending on the offer you purchase.

By purchasing a Levium Trial you opt-in to a Levium monthly subscription.  

After this 15 or 30-Day Trial, your account upgrades to a VIP Subscription to Levium 30-Count Value Pack for 20% OFF delivered every 30 days. 

If you don't cancel with the time period stated on your Trial Offer page, you will be automatically upgraded to a subscription.

Email to cancel your trial.

LIMIT: One Trial Offer Per Customer. Customers who fraudulently purchase more than one Trial Offer under will be charged full product prices plus shipping to all credit cards on file discovered to be linked to the same parties.