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Directions For Use



Some of Levium's powerful natural ingredients take effect within minutes—others build over time as your body's natural NPY levels balance out.


Safe For Daily Use

Levium is intended as a once-daily natural supplement, but safe enough to be taken up to three times a day for those seeking additional relief. 

While the Levium was designed to be taken in the morning, some people have found relief taking Levium at various times throughout the day and night. 

Levium comes in two forms, Premium Liquid Formula and Slow-Release Capsules, see different dosing instructions below…

  • Take one 2 oz. bottle of Premium Liquid. 
  • For capsules, take three pills.  
  • Both the Premium Liquid or capsules can be taken with or without food.

For those with digestive issues or Niacin-sensitivity, take ½ Liquid Formula bottle followed by the remaining ½ bottle 30 minutes later. Or try mixing with your favorite smoothie.


    Levium contains Niacin which can produce harmless Niacin Flush, a heat or tingling sensation that may result in mild skin reaction including redness. Flushing occurs due to the dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow. Niacin acts as a transportation vehicle for other ingredients in Levium and has anxiolytic benefit. Flushing is a temporary, harmless, and non-allergic reaction. Flushing diminishes with continued daily Levium use. 

    Customers report that Levium Capsules produce less flushing than the Premium Liquids.